Thank you for showing interest in joining Opteon—we’re glad you’re here! Opteon Appraisal, Inc. is a tight-knit team of appraisers and we’re looking for the right fit to join us. As a W-2 employee with Opteon, you’ll leave behind the stress of scheduling, constant emails and phone calls, and unpredictable hours. Read on to learn the answers to common questions. Or if you’re ready to take the leap, fill out the form below!


I’m happy with my income as a panel appraiser. What can you offer me?

Opteon has created compensation and benefit models that are extremely competitive in today’s market. Opteon offers very competitive salaries, a clearly defined bonus structure including overtime, paid vacation, 401k matching, forms, MLS data, and analytic tools, all provided at no cost to you. Opteon provides twice a month direct deposit, and a mileage expense program for our field and solo Appraisers. Reach out to to discuss our offerings in detail.

How do I know I’ll receive enough work with one company?

You will never want for orders with Opteon, our group of companies in America is currently completing over 24,000 reports a month and growing every single day.

What tools and software are available with Opteon?

Our technology platforms, Engage and Ascent, provide industry-leading, process-driven environments that standardize practices, maintain real-time KPI’s, allow for cross-platform communication that minimizes appraisers’ “office work” on each and every report, every day. In the not-so-distant future, we will roll out our innovative technology to the US, which has dramatically cut down turn times and provided appraisers with a wealth of information in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Opteon’s company culture?
Opteon deeply believes the power of our collective talents is so very much stronger than any one of us could ever be. Imagine the ability to pick up a phone, send an instant message, or a text when you are in a bind with a difficult assignment, within minutes, Appraisers from your office, other offices, even other states, with hundreds of years’ experience under their hat will chime in shortly thereafter. The power of collaboration is undeniably strong.


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